Machine Learning is thought of as one of the most challenging fields of programming, so how did a 17-year-old high school student end up creating complex GAN networks in TensorFlow?

Illarstration of machine learning
from Unsplash

It is not easy

No one has ever said machine learning is easy. Not only do you have to have an excellent grasp of coding and programming concepts, but you also have to understand the maths.

The maths is by far, what separates those who try and those who succeed. You will need to understand Calculus, Linear Algebra, Iterative Operations along with much more. These topics are as daunting as they sound to any…

Django Unchained

In this short post I will cover just a few reason why I believe Django to be the best web framework.

Easy — Very Easy

“Django is very easy to learn and get started with. You can learn Django in a couple of weeks”

The Django rest framework is famous for having one of if not THE best programming documentation out there.

but Django lays out everything in an easy to understand, user friendly manner. It’s so good in fact I don’t and haven’t used anything apart from the docs to teach myself.

Just getting Started? No Problem.

Django has a full, in depth…

Medium has become my go-to place to post my thoughts and guides on the world of programming. I highly recommend to anyone. I post every week, see you there :)

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